Religious Emblems

Who can earn Religious Emblems?

Duty to God is an important concept for all Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America does not administer a religious emblems program, but recognizes Scouts who earn a religious emblem through programs offered by representatives of their religion.

Programs exist for all ages and for all religions. In most religions, programs exist at the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Adult Leader levels.

See the Religious Emblems Programs page for details.

How do I earn a Religious Emblem?

See the Chart of Religious Emblems for contacts and program sites.

Religious Emblems Coordinators

Local coordinators exist for various Religious Emblems programs. Your religious leader or the Council Commissioner Team can help you get in touch.

How is a Religious Emblem worn?

Youth and Adult religious emblems are worn as a square knot above the left pocket, one of the few cases where a Youth member wears a knot award on their uniform. For formal occasions (not field or indoor activities) and when in full uniform, the medallion is pinned over the square knot.

Where can I get help?

Contact your District Advancement Chair or the Commissioner Team for assistance.

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