Special Needs

Can a Scout with Special Needs be successful?


About terminology

In various places within Scouting you may see this program referred to as "Scouting with Special Needs", "Scouting Unlimited", and other names. For purpose of this site, we use the term "Special Needs" as it is the prevailing terminology today and we want this information to be found readily.

When should presence of Special Needs be escalated?

When a Scout with Special Needs registers, please get in touch with the Special Needs Scouting Specialist and Asst. Council Commissioner for Special Needs as that they can provide important information about the best way to support the needs of the Scout. If an existing Scout is identified to have Special Needs, make contact at that time.

One of the reasons to make early contact with our Council-level resources is to ensure that point of contact is provided should questions arise later.

What accommodations are provided to Scouts with Special Needs?

Level of accommodation is tied to severity of need. Where warranted, the high end of accommodation is that the age limits of the program are eliminated. Where deemed necessary, it is possible for a Scout with Special Needs to continue participating as a Cub Scout or Boy Scout throughout their life. Where as lesser degree of impact exists on the Scout's ability to participate, no program adjustments are made, or very limited program adjustments are made.

How is a Scout with Special Needs supported?

The need to adjust advancement requirements is assessed, and an Individual Scout Advancement Plan (ISAP) is formed (similar to an IEP in an educational setting). District and Council-level Advancement Chairs, and Council-level Special Needs resources can be of assistance in navigating approvals.

What is an ISAP?

An ISAP is an Individual Scouting Advancement Plan, a document that helps chart the path forward for a Scout, similar to an IEP (Individual Education Plan) in a school setting. An ISAP documents how alternative requirements will be applied.

May individuals with Special Needs register as a Cub Scout over age 11 or a Boy Scout over 18?

Please see "Registering Qualified Members Beyond Age of Eligibility. A request form must be submitted to the Council Advancement Chair for review.

Where can I get help?

For help supporting a Scout with Special Needs, contact the Special Needs Scouting Specialist and Asst. Council Commissioner for Special Needs.

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